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Poll results: So much awkwardness

The masses (or at least the 58 people who voted on my poll) have spoken: we are all a bunch of Socially Awkward Penguins.

The question was “Which of these memes do you fell reflects your personality best?” (and it was a syntactic nightmare for the French person that I am). I suggested eight answers and added an “other” button, aware as I was that I could not possibly have included all the memes in my eight suggestions.

Let’s end the suspense right away: the meme that voters have chosen as the best representation of their personality is [insert dramatic drumroll here]… Socially Awkard Penguin, with 29% of votes! He is followed closely by Me Gusta, who got 25% of votes. Round of applause, please.

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Poll : Which of these memes do you feel reflects your personality best?

In case you’re not really meme savvy, here is a little memo about which meme is which:

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We want YOUR! private data

The public seems to have grown increasingly wary of online privacy issues. But are people aware that the greatest threat to their privacy may be coming from their own government?

At some point during Wikileaks’ last press conference, on December 1st 2011 at City University London, Julian Assange asked the audience: “Who here has an Iphone? Who here has a Blackberry? Who uses Gmail?” Seeing many hands raising, he announced: “You’re all screwed.” That prediction was met with a few chuckles by the audience. But pessimistic as he may seem, Julian Assange is probably right. It is very likely that we are indeed all screwed.

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