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Interview: Elise Costa, pop culture expert

Élise Costa has the coolest job ever. She is a pop culture expert.

“Awesome! And how does that pay the bills?”, you may ask.

Well, Élise  works as freelance writer, enabling several French media (mainly websites) to take advantage of her expertise when it comes to pop culture. She likes to analyze frivolous subjects with a serious method – she could probably write a thesis about Lindsay Lohan’s meltdowns or Britney Spears’s mishaps (instead, she studied law at university). She has encyclopedic knowledge of American culture, whether it be TV shows, books, films, and of course, music. Sometimes, she publishes glimpses of her talented pieces of writing on her blog.

In May 2010, she published a book about Britney Spears, entitled Comment je n’ai pas rencontre Britney Spears, which you could translate by How I did not meet Britney Spears. She wrote it after she took a road trip following Britney Spears’s footsteps, from Louisiana – where Britney grew up – to Los Angeles, where Élise saw her live for the first time.

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