Poll results: So much awkwardness

The masses (or at least the 58 people who voted on my poll) have spoken: we are all a bunch of Socially Awkward Penguins.

The question was “Which of these memes do you fell reflects your personality best?” (and it was a syntactic nightmare for the French person that I am). I suggested eight answers and added an “other” button, aware as I was that I could not possibly have included all the memes in my eight suggestions.

Let’s end the suspense right away: the meme that voters have chosen as the best representation of their personality is [insert dramatic drumroll here]… Socially Awkard Penguin, with 29% of votes! He is followed closely by Me Gusta, who got 25% of votes. Round of applause, please.

Runners-up are Y U NO Guy (14%), Hipster Kitty (5%), Okay Guy (3.5%), Paranoid Parrot (3.5%), Trollface (3.5%) and Foul Bachelor Frog (1.7%). Also, 14% of voters answered “others” (and some were kind enough to offer me their exotic suggestions).

These results seem to show quite clearly that the most popular memes are those who express things that you cannot  – or shouldn’t (because of social restrictions, mainly) say out loud.

Socially Awkward Penguin goes through all kind of everyday humiliations that are part of everyone’s life – and yet they are quite difficult to tell a friend, precisely because they are little things that should not have that big an impact on ourselves. For example, who shows up and starts telling their co-worker about how they thought someone was waving at them but really they were waving at somebody else so they had to pretend they were fixing their hair so that no one would notice that they had started waving back at the wrong person? NO ONE, that’s who. Or maybe twelve-year-olds. But once you’re an adult, if you start telling that story, you will be kindly asked to get over it and move on with your life. That’s when Socially Awkward Penguin becomes useful, because HE – unlike everyone else – UNDERSTANDS. And here is proof:

Me Gusta works pretty much the same way. He represents aspects of your personality that you usually won’t advertise too much – even though everyone else is pretty similar to you on that point.

Y U NO Guy is also a good way to express daily frustrations thanks to a meme instead of breaking social taboos and start yelling at everyone around you.

And now, off to the “others” suggestions, if you please. Here is what people suggested:

– Success Kid

– Socially Awesome Penguin

(Dear two people who answered that, I wish I were you.)

– Please oh please, just stop it with memes

(To which I say the following: )

– Not Bad/Obama rage face

– Lame Pun Raccoon

– Like a Sir

(I kind of like this one too)

Socially Awkward Penguin picture from Adviceanimalsarchive. com

Me Gusta picture, Y U NO Guy picture, Lame Pun Raccoon picture and Like a Sir picture from Memebase.com

NO picture and Not Bad picture from Knowyourmeme.com


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