Poll : Which of these memes do you feel reflects your personality best?

In case you’re not really meme savvy, here is a little memo about which meme is which:

Socially awkward penguin

He’s that person who thinks someone is wawing at them and waves back only to realize they were waving at the person behind them. So they stroke their hair as if nothing happened. Except it happened. AND. EVERYONE. KNOWS.

Okay Guy

Whatever the problem, he’s okay with it. (In fact he really isn’t, and he wishes he had the guts to say it. But he doesn’t.)

Me gusta

He likes awkward stuff. You probably like the same awkward stuff too, except unlike the Me Gusta Face, you would never admit it. Oh and he speaks Spanish.

Paranoid parrot

You know, when you’re listening to Britney Spears in the Underground and someone looks at you in a remotely judgemental way and all you can think of is “THEY KNOW”? Well, in those cases, you start acting like Paranoid Parrot.

(By the way, they do know.)

Troll face

He’s annoying. He knows it. And he likes it.

Foul bachelor frog

He’s a bachelor, and he may be getting a bit too comfortable around himself.

Y U NO guy

Your nonsensical behaviour annoys him, and HE WILL LET YOU KNOW.

Hipster Kitty

He did [insert any kind of remotely cool activity here] before it was cool (for example, he posted fun DIY ideas on Pinterest before it was cool).


One thought on “Poll : Which of these memes do you feel reflects your personality best?

  1. I answered other: Really I’m a psycho!
    =P (It’s from a Poets of the Fall song The Happy Song.)

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